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David Goettee and Heidi Gerber have worked together approximately fifteen years.  Heidi's participation and influence in producing albums with David continues to grow.  The evolution of their working together is itself an example of how each of our journeys through life bring changes.  Initially Heidi assisted in engineering on David's private vocal solo album featuring David on ballads from the 1930's through the 1960's about values that make life worth living, including: love; loss; sorrow; bereavement, dedication; and needed social change.

Next Heidi was associate producer, engineer, arranger, provided a number of instrumental contributions, and several vocals on what was then conceptualized to be a second private album of romantic duets, primarily from the 1970's through the early 1990's.  However, after David's father died, that effort was put on hold to instead work on Hymns.  For some background on what Heidi accomplished then, check out Before There Was all access audio.

For this album, David and Heidi turned to the traditional congregational hymns they grew up with, selected by David and his mother, which are largely also in the style of ballad music.  For this album Heidi is the producer, vocal arranger on several hymns, engineer, and David's significant vocal partner throughout in a mix of solo, duet, and multi-part singing.  Heidi's voice is part of many numbers, and she sings the lead on her arrangement of "Were You There."  Heidi now has her own business, all access audio and employs engineering support.  Here's to her future.

A number of people collaborated with David bringing their wealth of training, experience and skills to create this album in tribute.  This is an almost completed work in progress that will be released to the public at the same time as the other albums cited on the home page.

David minored in voice in college. As a chorus member, among other things, he sang at the Casals Festival in Puerto Rico, Carnegie Hall in New York, with the Baltimore Symphony at Lyric Theater in Baltimore, and on tour around Maryland with the Baltimore Symphony. As a soloist he has sung for Takoma Park, MD Independence Day patriotic exercises for many years, Washington, DC and Annapolis, MD area public service appearances including University of Maryland basketball and Hexagon, choral groups such as the Alexandria Singers, churches, weddings, and accompanying vocals on recordings of others.

Heidi studied voice privately while in college, is now an entrepreneur running her own business, audio producer, vocal coach par excellence, vocal arranger, composer of film music, and recording engineer.  She has and does provide accompanying vocals on recordings.  She plays bass guitar and has sung with Washington, DC area bands.

Kathy Haupt has been ministering with church youth groups for a number of years, mostly in the Columbia, South Carolina area, and often uses her music as part of youth activities.  The song Welcome Home, was written for her grandmother's funeral and is an example of what she can create.  Maybe one day we will see more of Kathy's songs.

Bob Walters was the orchestrator for the Air Force band, and the White House music groups.  He now applies his many talents to writing orchestral arrangements for publication to be used in worship services by churches, who in growing numbers are using orchestrated instrumentation as a growing creative part of their worship services.  Bob also provides orchestrations and conducting for a number of albums produced in the Washington, DC area, such as various numbers on the album Hymns.  All musicians involved are devoted to their music, and almost all make their living as music professionals.

There are numerous instrumentalists who brought professional skills to the album, including Heidi's mother, who is one of those annually auditioned to be allowed to be a member of the Washington Choral Arts Society.

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