Before There Was All Access Audio


Heidi is the producer for all TortoiseClimbing projects.  Thus, it is a privilege for TortoiseClimbing to preserve this bit of history about Heidi.  Click on TortoiseClimbing for more information about Heidi's initial involvement with the original project that began TortoiseClimbing.  She'd worked with David even before that on private projects.

Heidi officially entered the recording engineering and production worlds over twelve years ago when she went to work for Bias Recording in 1991.  She immediately began racking up credits.  In her first year, she earned a Grammy Certificate for her work on the Columbia project "Roots of Rhythm and Blues:  The Robert Johnson Era."  She followed that up putting in hundreds of hours behind the console, both as engineer and increasingly also as producer.

After ten years Heidi decided she is one of us who desires to take a larger role in shaping our destiny, and very importantly that she has the entrepreneurial fortitude to take the risk of starting her own business.  So in 2001 Heidi started All Access Audio and is serving a growing list of clients who continue seeking her out to work with her.  When a large traditional recording studio is needed for groups of musicians all at once, this is done working with various studios, including Bias.  Hence the name, All Access Audio.

Heidi loves music, and her clients (who encompass many different musical worlds) love her.  A good measure of the truth of this is they continue coming back record after record.  Heidi has sprinkled her special magic over projects ranging from jazz and bluegrass to Celtic, alternative rock, traditional and new age hymns, and Christian rock.

Heidi's clients enjoy and value her passion for:  good interpretations, quality recording, personnel expertise, diligence, incredible enthusiasm, and her mind boggling ability to explain why you want to do what needs to be done.  In addition Heidi is known to share her strong coffee (she prefers Starbuck's decaf).

A professional measure of how clients value Heidi is demonstrated by those who are members of the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA).  Thus far they have nominated her four?? times for "Best Recording Engineer."

All Access Audio may be contacted at 301/384-2520 voice, or 301/384-4908 fax.

Click the "view credits" below to see many examples of the extent of Heidi's accomplishments before starting All Access Audio.  Numerous additional ones would be added to this list since she started All Access Audio in 2001.

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