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Master, or bedroom one, with queen bed, ensuite full bathroom and large walk-in closet.  The clock radio is on the back right night stand, and the phone extension is on the right night stand.  Your TV with cable, is in the far back left corner.  The ceiling fan is clearly visible.  The VCR and DVD players are hidden by the flower.




The full ensuite bathroom/shower accessed from the first master bedroom has a combination shower and bathtub behind the shower curtain.






The second master, or bedroom-two, has a King size bed and large walk-in closet.  The phone extension can be seen in the lower left with the lamp on the night stand.  There is an unseen clock radio on the nightstand at the back left.  Your TV with cable can be seen on the TV stand to your back right, along with the VCR player.  The light on the ceiling fan are clearly visible.



The large second, large, full bathroom is shared ensuite by the second master bedroom, with a separate hall entrance for the third bedroom, and the optional fourth living room sofa bed.  There are two entrance doors to this bathroom.  One is from inside the second master bedroom, and the other is from the hallway outside the second master bedroom.  Both bathroom doors lock from the inside, ensuring your privacy.

This photo is looking from the second master bedroom's entrance into the bathroom toward the semi separate bath tub/shower area.




This photo shows the semi separate dressing area of this bathroom.  It is looking from the hall entrance into the bathroom toward the second master bedroom entrance.






Third bedroom, viewed from the closet door,  containing two twin beds.  The standard sized closet is hidden behind you.  The TV that is on the stand to your left, seen with the plants on it.  The ceiling fan pull cords are just visible.







The optional bedroom 4.  If you need an extra bed for two more sleeping spaces, the living room sofa opens into an bed.









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