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My rates Directly through me are already discounted from those published by my property manager.  THESE AVAILABLE DISCOUNTS MAKE MY WEEKLY and MONTHLY RATES CHEAPER THAN MANY ADVERTISED DAILY SPECIALS!

Last Minute availability.  A 10% discount is automatically offered for an unbooked date beginning at 8-days before arrival.  If the property remains unbooked, the discount automatically becomes 20% beginning at 4-days before arrival.  This discount applies even for holidays, where no discount, other than monthly, applies.

Advance reservations.  Additionally I offer a 5% discount for bookings made at least 6-months in advance for non-holiday dates (see rate table for which dates this applies to.)

Weekly rentals.  For 7-day, Saturday afternoon to Saturday morning (other than holiday), one day is free, i.e., pay for 6 get the 7th free.

Monthly rentals.  For a stay of 30 days a monthly discounted rate is offered.

Repeat customers.  You are eligible for a 5% discount in addition to any of the other discounts.

Referrals.  For each referral you make that books a minimum of 7 days, you will receive a 10% discount OFF your next stay for up to a week for any date other than holiday.  You can even accumulate multiple referral discounts, not to exceed 100%.


Conditional cleaning fee.  If your stay is less than 6 nights, there is a cleaning fee of $70

Payment Schedule

Preferred payment is by credit card.

If cancelled by 5 weeks before arrival there is no charge.

If cancelled after 5 weeks you will be charged on the following schedule. Your charge will 20% for the first week and increase by 20% for each additional week you have not canceled.  Thus, it becomes 100% of the reserved rental by the time of your scheduled arrival.

Security deposit is either a guarantee against your credit card, or monetary funds.  If by credit card, no charge will be made unless there are damages.  If a monetary deposit, then $275 must be provided in advance.  If funds are provided by bank instrument such as check, the funds must have cleared your bank prior to your arrival.

Rates by season

K's Butterfly
Windsor Palms Resort

Daily by Season        Low        Intermediate        Holiday

For the benefit of those coming from other countries, the link below accesses a currency converter so you can calculate the rental rate based on current exchange rates in your currency.

The Universal Currency Converter (multiple languages)






7 for price of 6

Weekly Rate
7 Days

Monthly Rate









02/26/2011 04/15/2011 $110 $660   $2100
Easter/Spring Break


04/16/2011 04/29/2011 $140   $980 $1650 plus apportionment from previous or following month to reach 30 days


04/30/2011 06/10/2009 $95 $570   $1900



06/11/2011 08/12/2011 $110 $660   $2100


08/13/2011 12/16/2011 $95 $570   $1900
Christmas/New Year


12/17/2011 01/02/2012 $140   $980 $1650 plus apportionment from previous or following month to reach 30 days

All prices are EXCLUDING the Florida 13% tourist and sales taxes.  That means for a week that costs $570, the total including taxes would be $644.10.

Until either I or my property manager receives credit card or other deposit and confirms your reservation, rates are subject to change without notice, and your dates are not secured from others making a confirmed reservation.


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