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Silver Springs

Mapquest estimates it is about 93 miles and a 1 1/2 hour drive from my Butterfly or Crystal to Silver Springs.  Mapquest recommends using the newly opened section of high-speed Florida toll road 429 to connect to Florida turnpike to Interstate 75.  The new section of Florida 429 connects with US 192, very near Butterfly and Crystal.  For a perspective of where Silver Springs is located, click

This is best described as nature’s own theme park, and is certainly recommended as a great alternative day out for all the family.  Whether you choose to sail along Spring River in their famous glass bottom boats to marvel at the vast array of fishes and marine life visible in the crystal clear waters beneath, or take an exhilarating jeep ride throughout alligator infested swamp land, this is the park for you.

With the thrill, excitement and unpredictability of nature all around you, no two visits to Silver Springs are ever alike, and once you have fallen under it’s spell, you will return again and again to take in the rich bounty of Florida’s native habitat and it’s astonishing diversity of wildlife.

Take time out to visit the World Of Bears exhibit, which showcases the largest selection of wild bears in the whole of the USA, and includes such rare breeds as the Spectacled Bear and the Asiatic Black Bears.

Or if big cats are more your style, why not get a close up look at some of North America’s native wild cats, including the rare and sadly endangered Florida panther.

A visit to Cypress Point will bring you face to face with “Sobek”, the largest American crocodile in captivity.  At over 16 feet long and weighing in at an impressive 2,000 pounds, you will not be surprised to discover that he is one of Silver Springs most visited residents.

And when the excitement becomes a little too much to take, why not relax by strolling through the botanical gardens, to wonder at the huge variety of vividly colored flora and fauna. Or for the young at heart, who prefer things a little more soft and cuddly, there is also Dolittle’s Petting Zoo, where baby deer and goats are just waiting for your love and attention.

All this, and you’re not even half way through all the adventures and discoveries that this amazing theme park has to offer.

But fret not, because you’ll still have time to see the Reptiles Of The World Show and the creepy crawly Creature Feature Show, as well as free flight demonstrations of birds of prey and breathtaking feats performed by our feathered friends in The Birds Of The Rainforest show.

And after all of that, if any kids in your party still have excess energy, you can always let them blow off a little steam at the Kid’s Ahoy ! Playland, which is built on a replica of an 1800’s style steam boat, and features safe and fun playground style attractions, all served up with a slight nautical twist.

Silver Springs is a gem of a theme park, which you and your family will want to return to time and time again.

For more information check out their website.


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