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Old Town

Old Town Kissimmee is great for an evening's entertainment.  It is near both my Butterfly and Crystal resort vacation rental by owner.  It stands out, especially at night, and thus is easy to find on US192.  On Thursday night there is the added attraction of seeing the motor cycles/bikes.  On Friday or Saturday the old Classic cars parade up and down the main street.  The older cars are on Friday, and the less restricted cars are on Saturday.  The actual parade or promenade is only about 1/2 hour.  On Friday it is around 8:30p and on Saturday around 9:00pm.

Although there is a lot of parking in the open field at the far back of Old Town, during the high season it is better to go fairly early because it is a very popular place.  A lot of the locals go on the classic car night and it is good to see all the old American cars beautifully restored and lovingly paraded by their owners.

There are street entertainers and various musicians offering a wide variety of things.  To those from Great Brittan, some say it reminds them of Gt. Yarmouth’s Regent street, but with music.

There are a number of amusement rides available for a fee.  There is a small bumper cars ride, and a big Ferris wheel.  There is a ride where you can watch people trying to stay on a bucking bull, and a place to get your photograph taken in a wild west bar.  There is a haunted house, and other strange things.  A very large catapult they call the "Slingshot" shoots two people flying upwards.  Another very tall ride is a bit like a huge swing.  Up to three people are strapped together and pulled back and up to the top of a 300 foot high tower.  It releases you to swing back and forth across a great expanse of Old Town slowing down just like a swing.  Both of these last two "rides" are very well lighted at night, and are visible for miles around.

There are a number of stores ranging from the usual tee shirts and holiday ware, the western goods, the beautiful Candles, and for the animal lovers a shop that sells models of most the dog breeds.  If you have a favorite such as Boxers, there is everything that you could possibly buy with a Boxer on it from key rings to life size models, tee shirts, bags and cushions.

You can walk all the way down on one side and then back up on the other.

There are some shops a little bit different from the normal, and always handy for finding that gift to take home that is a bit different from the Mickey Mouse tee shirts.

The restaurants range from the Flippers pizza’s (nobody makes them like Flippers !!) to seafood and Steaks and of course the usual burgers.  There are several bars all with different themes and an ice cream parlour.  The little stalls that sell the hot cinnamon and almond nuts and of course how can you forget the popcorn!

At one time the same sort of place could be found at the Orlando Church street station.  Sadly that is closed down, maybe it was because it was further to go and Old Town in Kissimmee is easier to get to and is closer to a lot of the Hotels.  To most people who go year after year it probably is a bit “ touristy “ but isn’t that just what we are??

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