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I have always believed my vacation time should be just that:   “A period of time devoted to pleasure, play, rest, or relaxation” --- no getting dressed to go out for dinner, unless I want to.  Being able to eat out and sleep in when I want to, i.e., all those things I cannot do in the regular working world!  With that in mind, I put together my Butterfly and Crystal to appeal to myself and other vacationers (families, golfers, romantic get a ways).  I specifically directed my attention to details and decorative furnishings at each property so that I and you can have “pleasure, rest, or relaxation”, as the dictionary says.  I specifically selected my properties because I like being close to Disney, and because it also appeals to families, couples, and friends who want the combination of some luxury, yet also economy in a resort vacation rental by owner in a fantastic location.

My guests universally tell me of the benefit from the dramatic additional space, and so close to everything.  Also my quality, and homelike decoration creates comfort and privacy.  You have the convenience of your own fully equipped quality vacation rental resort property.  For many, these advantages dramatically outweigh the minor inconvenience of not having hotel staff on call.  Once experienced, many come back year after year to my well furnished, individually decorated, quality vacation rental resort.

ADVANTAGES—And it is VERY conveniently located.  On page 103 of the 2007 edition of the "Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World" it says "If you plan to have a car, consider this:  Disney World is so large that some destinations within the World can be reached more quickly from off-property ... than from Disney hotels.  For example guests at lodgings on US 192" –like my Butterfly and Crystal– "(near the so-called Walt Disney World main entrance) are closer to Disney-MGM Studios, the Animal Kingdom, and Blizzard Beach water park than guests at many hotels inside Disney."  On page 236 the Guide gives the following commuting times to parks from the Best Western Lakeside, which is at the intersection of US 192 and Formosa Blvd., i.e., 1 mile from my Butterfly and Crystal The Guide says, "Magic Kingdom 9:15; Epcot 8:30; Disney-MGM 8:30; Animal Kingdom 6:30."

Both my Butterfly and Crystal have a fully functional kitchen, complete with pots, pans, dishes, silverware.  I also provide the usual hotel amenities of towels, washcloths, soap, toilet paper, plus an extra that won’t cost you extra:  a Playstation 2, cable, multiple TVs, VCRs and DVDs!  Hotel staff are paid for by room rentals (I did say ROOM!) so not having such staff at your beck and call (unless you specifically request and pay for separately) offers a distinct savings which you can use for some grownup entertainment, like paying for a babysitter if you so choose.  (Not a bad tradeoff!)  Additionally for your convenience, there are a washer and dryer, vacuum cleaner, ironing board and iron, etc., conveniently available, and thus a potential greater saving when you are traveling with your family.

The biggest plus is something I wish I had had when I was younger.  With multiple bedrooms, it is possible for you and your family, you and friends (or other couples) to come to Florida, share expenses and have a wonderful time, separately or together, but with the safety of roommates you know!  I also wish I’d had the option of NOT paying for those hotel services that I never used and did not need!

DIFFERENCES—The differences in my resort community properties are not that great from non-resort vacation rentals by owners.  But, there are minor differences evident to those guests who have never stayed in a resort vacation rental by owner property.

One noticeable difference is my resort rental property have association rules I agreed to abide by, and my compliance also applies to you as my guests.  I have provided Terms and Conditions for you on another page on this website so that you can decide for yourself if Butterfly and/or Crystalare for your vacation.

Butterfly and Crystal are located in resort communities that include large, deluxe clubhouses that provide some "front-desk" type services found in hotels, including a person to answer questions.  But, there is no staff to bring you extra towels and the like, should you need them.  Concierge services, such as calling to get you a taxi or reservations to a dinner theater are not included.  But, I address this several other ways.  The clubhouse desk services will be glad to provide you information on how you can do so.  You will also find in both Butterfly and Crystal a welcome book of things to do and places to go, with phone numbers.  Additionally, this website provides you extensive advance information you can print out and bring with you.

SUPPLIES—As I explained earlier, Butterfly and Crystalcontain the initial supplies for your use, such as bath soap, paper towels, starter laundry detergent, etc. However, if you run out of anything during your stay, additional supplies are available at nearby convenience stores and supermarkets and can be taken with you upon leaving.  There are 24-hour convenience stores very close to my vacation rental property for emergency items.

MAIL—There is no mail delivery service to Butterfly or Crystal, however, if you wish to have something delivered to you via FedEx or UPS, you should contact the front office in the clubhouse to make arrangements.  Please keep in mind that this is a service provided by the association, not me.  So there may be additional charges involved, assuming that the service is available.  Ask!

PHONE SERVICE—Unlike hotel phones, there is no switchboard so you answer your own phone or leave it to ring.  (The latter prospect is delicious because you can’t do that at work!)  Like hotels, you can call toll free numbers and from Crystal you are able to use a calling card for long distance (Butterfly includes free long distance.)  A word of caution about phone service from Crystal:  local calls are included, but you may find that a facility close by is in a different calling area, and therefore is considered long distance.  I do apologize for this situation (not mine to control) and again urge you to purchase calling cards for your convenience.  (Butterfly includes  long distance.)

CHECK IN/OUT TIMESButterfly and Crystal are booked much of the time and there will more than likely be another family expecting to have access to a cleaned and restocked property at their check-in time of 4:00 p.m.  It is critical for the service people to be able to get in at your checkout time of 10:00 a.m. to make the property ready for the next guests.  Just as a hotel would charge you for another night if you stay beyond your agreed reservation time, I must charge you for the lost night's rental and reasonable overnight costs for the renters if they are forced to incur unexpected costs and inconvenience because they cannot use their contracted rental.  This is set out in detail under Terms and Conditions elsewhere on this site.

CHANGING DATES—In a hotel, when it has available unbooked rooms, it is easy to for them extend your departure date by moving bookings on your room to another unbooked room.  I have limited ability to do so since I own only Butterfly and Crystal.  If you wish to make a last minute extension to your reservation, if I can, I will be glad to accommodate you.  Caution, you should not assume this is possible.  Similarly, if you decide to leave a day or more early, unless you notify me in advance, and I am lucky enough to obtain a last minute booking, I will not be able to give you a refund for the night(s) you contracted for, but at the last minute decided not stay in my vacation rental.

AVAILABLE SERVICES—The management company handles service questions or problems for you at the property.  Contact information for them is included in the welcome book information.  While the management company provides an emergency phone service 24-hrs a day to arrange for emergency repairs, there is no staff on the premises to handle such repairs, so I rely on your good judgment to decide what is an emergency and what requires maintenance.  If you notice something needing attention, please make a note of it and leave the note on the kitchen counter.

CONTACT ME— I am always delighted to serve you, and hope you will enjoy your time at my beautiful Butterfly or Crystal.  If you have any questions about any of this, please contact me.  If you have questions about reservations, you should contact me using the reservation/inquiry form for the rental property in which you wish to stay so that I can appropriately address your specific concerns.

THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE—AND DISADVANTAGE—WITH A VACATION RENTAL is you are responsible for what you do and when you do it.  This means that once you arrive at my Butterfly or Crystal, no one bothers you unless you invite them in.  You have the true luxury of being on your own, without intrusions except for emergency maintenance issues, which I hope you will not experience.

All this being said, I look forward to your visit to my Butterfly or Crystal.  Enjoy your stay and experience the true freedom of my resort vacation rental by owner.


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