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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have a local management company?

A. Yes.  They handle the details in Florida.  This includes receiving all money, arranging for key pickup, security deposit, cleaning.  During normal office hours they are pleased to answer any questions for you.  They also provide 24hrs emergency maintenance service.  I ask that you restrict non-emergency inquiries to normal office hours.

Q. How do I get the keys to the rental property?

A. The management company provides a key pick-up service.  If you will be arriving especially late, there are backup arrangements the management company will explain.  Once the management company has received the full payment, you will be sent an "Arrival Pack" explaining details.  If it fits your schedule, you will get the most value by picking the key up from the office.  This is because they can give you additional useful brochures, advice, answer last minute questions, etc.  Details about key pickup are explained on the "Directions/Map" page for the property. 

NOTE.  You are responsible for returning the key on your departure.  If you do not, there will be an additional charge to cover the cost of replacing the locks. This is estimated to be $75.

Q. How far away are the Disney attractions?

A. Your commute to Disney will be an especially short one.  You will be approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) from the main gate entrance.  1 1/2 mile (2.4 km) to route 192 and 2 lights to the Disney World Drive, which is the Main gate entrance.  This means it is easy for you to spend the morning at the Parks, return back to your vacation rental for lunch and a siesta/swim, head back to the Parks for the late afternoon, return to your vacation rental for dinner (etc.) and return to the park to finish the evening.  Nothing can be more convenient.

Q. How far away are Sea World and Universal Studios' attractions?

A. My property is about eleven (11) miles (approx. 16 min.) from Sea World, thirteen (13) miles (approx. 20 min.) from Universal Studios, twenty (27) miles (approx. 40 minutes) from Orlando International Airport, and three (3) miles (approx. 5 min. other than morning rush) from the Walt Disney World Resort main gate.

Q. What do previous guests have to say about their stay at your rental property?

A. I'm just beginning implementation of an online Guest Book so you can take a look at the comments in my online Guest Book.

Q. How can I tell if you have any vacancies?

A. I maintain a reservations calendar icon on the initial page.  I update the reservations calendar regularly so you can determine the likely current availability of the property.  If the dates you are interested in are available, fill out the Reservation Request form and submit it.  I will contact you to initiate your reservation with my management company.  See Booking Procedures.

Q. If the property is booked for my preferred dates, can you help me book other comparable vacation rentals nearby?

A. Yes - I have two lovely 3-bedroom properties.  One is a spacious condominium at Windsor Palms Resort and the other is a townhouse at Emerald Island Resort.  If I don't have available dates when you want them in one of our properties, or if you need a different number of bedrooms, I will be happy to help you.  I have friends who have properties comparable to my quality standards so your dream vacation can become a reality.  Complete the Reservation Request form found at Other Availability.  Be sure to include the dates and number of bedrooms you desire to book.

Q. Can I wait and book our lodging at the last minute?

A. Sure, but at your own risk.  I recommend booking early, because although I will work as hard as possible to accommodate your vacation request, if you postpone booking, anyone else can book the time you may want.  Then the property will no longer be available to you.  If schedule is important to you, as it is to most, it's in your best interest to reserve as far in advance as you can so I can fit your schedule.

Note.  My vacation rental property is sometimes reserved more than a year in advance during the most popular weeks. To determine availability, check the availability calendar for the property.

Q. What items are supplied for you?

A. Just about everything!  I supply dishes, pots, pans, cooking utensils, iron and board, vacuum cleaner, TVs, towels, linens, etc. Your lodging accommodations are completely furnished.  (This includes initial arrival supplies like a hotel:  bath soap, toilet paper, garbage bag, etc.)  Check the more detailed list of things provided contained on the "Amenities" page for the property..

Q. Do you have laundry facilities?

A. Yes. A full size washer and dryer.

Q. What is the weather like in the Orlando area?

Average Monthly Temperature and Rainfall


High Temp

Low Temp



72 F / 22 C

48 F / 9 C

2.4 inches / 61 mm


73 F / 23 C

49 F / 9 C

2.7 inches / 69 mm


77 F / 25 C

53 F/ 12 C

3.3 inches / 84 mm


82 F / 28C

58 F / 14 C

2.0 inches / 51 mm


87 F / 31 C

64 F / 18 C

3.8 inches / 97 mm


90 F / 32 C

70 F / 21 C

6.0 inches / 153 mm


92 F / 33 C

72 F / 22 C

6.6 inches / 166 mm


92 F / 33 C

72 F / 22 C

7.3 inches / 186 mm


90 F / 32 C

71F / 22C

6.0 inches / 153 mm


84 F / 29 C

65 F / 18 C

3.2 inches/ 81 mm


79 F / 26 C

57 F / 14 C

2.4 inches / 62 mm


73 F / 23 C

50 F / 10 C

2.2 inches / 57 mm

In the summer, because of the sub-tropical nature of Florida's climate, rain and thunder-storms can be sudden and heavy.  In the peak months of rainfall (June through September), rain storms typically occur daily in the afternoon for a short period before clearing to give superb weather.  You might want to carry simple rain gear, e.g., ponchos, garbage bags.

In the winter, particularly December, January and February, some days can be considerably colder than the averages.  Layered clothing is the thing.

Get a current weather forecast for the Orlando/Kissimmee area, from the Weather Channel.  The site provides an easy option for you to switch to metric units.  (On the top left of the page, right above the box containing the current temperature and conditions are the two choices of units [English|Metric]).  Click on the following link Current Kissimmee Weather Conditions & Forecast.

Q. How much do Theme Park Tickets cost?

    They change every year.  I've provided Internet links below for you to check this year's prices.

A. You can purchase them from the theme parks upon your arrival at their entrance. 

B. Or you can purchase them in advance, which can save you time standing in line.

1) You can check the Theme Park websites.  Just click on their respective logos to locate information for their various attractions.




2) There also are authorized resellers.  Two such authorized resellers include:

In the U.S.

THE OFFICIAL TICKET CENTER, 3148 Vineland Rd., Kissimmee, FL 34746, 407-396-9020 or FAX 407-396-9323

and in Great Britain


3) From time to time the association at the clubhouse front-desk for my property has sold major theme park tickets.  If you haven't already purchased in advance and want to, then check with them when you check in to see if they are selling them this year.

Q.  I have always stayed in a hotel up until now.  What is different about a vacation rental property?

[See my more detailed page discussing this topic by clicking the button at the top of this page or this link for Rental vs Hotel.]

A. Basically, hotels are much more expensive per square foot.  For the price of a one bedroom hotel of say 300 square feet you can have my resort rental property with four (4) times as much room with 3-bedrooms, living room, kitchen, washer-dryer-ironing, at least two full bathrooms (WC) with tubs and showers, etc.  My properties are superbly equipped to make your vacation unforgettable.  Additionally, because of facilities like your own kitchen and laundry, it is possible to lower your total vacation costs substantially from what it would cost you if you stayed at one of the comparable quality Theme Park resorts, which do not compare with ease of access of parking within steps of your property, privacy, space, full kitchen, laundry, and all the conveniences of home!


Q. Do I need travel insurance?

A. As with all holidays / vacations I recommend you consider obtaining full travel / medical insurance.  To guarantee the dates you want you likely are making your reservation considerably in advance.  This insurance can protect you if you have to cancel your trip for any reason.

Illness, death in the family, weather, accident, and natural disasters are a few of the many variables that lead to trip cancellation and interruption. Trip Cancellation and Interruption insurance can protect you against such unpredictable situations so you can be reimbursed for the many otherwise non-refundable vacation payments. Additional travel expenses, such as an extra airline ticket or hotel room due to a missed departure, may also be covered if the policy covers those possibilities.

Q. Vacation rentals are generally advertised as "Self Catered."  Is occasional or daily cleaning service available for a fee?

A. Yes. Cleaning service during your stay is availablefor a fee, but must be arranged in advance. Let the management company know you want such service when you make the reservation.

Q. Are there shops and restaurants close by?

A. Yes.  Closest is the community convenience/sundry shop in the community center.

Within approximately a 3 minute drive of Butterfly or Crystal, at the intersection with highway 192, is a great selection of shops and restaurants.  They include:

Chinese restaurant and carry out/take away (also with free delivery to my properties)


Japanese restaurant and carry out/take away (also with free delivery to my properties)


TGI Friday


Giordanos (Italian Restaurant with great pizza)


Outback Steak House (fantastic steaks)


Taco Bell (Mexican fast food and carry out/take away)


Subway (delicious and fresh sandwiches and carry out/take away)


Dairy Queen (fabulous ice cream)


Chemist / Pharmacy


Bank (Sun trust ATM - Visa and Cirrus withdrawals accepted)


Hair Salon and Tanning Centre


24 Hour Supermarket/Full grocery store


Camera and electrical store


CD and music store


Half hour photograph developing


Liquor store / Off License liqueur store


Tourist information

In addition to these, there are many more shops and restaurants available close by on highway 192.  If you are adventurous, the number is even larger as you go north toward Orlando.

Q. I do not have a car.  Can I still get back and forth to the theme parks, etc?

A. Yes.  Regular commercial shuttle service is available for a nominal fee.  Details on how to arrange for shuttle service are available from the community center.

Q. Why are your properties more expensive than others I have seen in different communities?

A. My properties are located in luxurious resort communities with substantial community and clubhouse amenities available to you. These amenities are top of the line.  Additionally, the properties are located extremely conveniently to Disney World, as well as  very convenient to most other locations commonly visited.  For a little extra you are guaranteed to have a fantastic holiday, with shorter travel time to the main parks and free use of all the great onsite resort facilities.  When comparing prices please consider what you are getting for your money.

Q. Why should I choose Your Property?

A. Several reasons.  First.  No one gives a property more attention than its owner!  I love the area and worked here as a tour guide.  I use my vacation rental property every chance I can grab the time and have supplied and decorated it accordingly.  It is not a "sterile" environment found in hotels and other "vacation establishments."

Additionally, my properties are the newest available in the rapidly growing Kissimmee area.  Each is located within a couple minute walk of a swimming pool, and all the luxurious amenity services of the community and clubhouse.  In one case the clubhouse is right across the street.  In the other the swimming pool is only one short block away.

Q. Is there plenty to do for the children in the property?

A. There are TV's in every room with VCRs, and a DVD Player in the living room.  There also is cable.

There is a Playstation II in each living room.  Bring your and/or the kids favorite video games.

At Windsor Palms the clubhouse is right across the street from the property with its Olympic size swimming pool, pool/billiard tables, table tennis, arcade games, a tots play area with swings and slides, and a theater they can reserve to show your own DVD selections, tennis, basketball, "beach" volley ball.

At Emerald Island the community pool is less than one short block.  The community center with its comparable luxuries is about a 3 minute walk.

Q. Do I have to pay for a BBQ.

No.  There are barbeques as part of the picnic area included as part of the clubhouse complex amenities.

Q. Do you offer any discounts, e.g., late availability, early booking, longer stays, repeat customer, referrals?

A. Yes.

Late availability.  A 10% discount is automatically offered for an unbooked date beginning at 8-days before arrival.  If the property remains unbooked, the discount automatically becomes 20% beginning at  4-days before arrival.  This discount applies even for holidays, where no other discount applies.

Advance reservations.  Additionally I offer a 5% discount for bookings made at least 6-months in advance for non-holiday dates (see rate table for which dates this applies to.)

Weekly rentals.  For 7-day (other than holiday), one day is free, i.e., pay for 6 get the 7th free.

Longer rentals.  In addition to the other discounts for non-holiday weeks, for each week in addition to the first you get an additional day free.  Thus rent for four weeks and get 7 days free.

Snow Birds.  I offer reduced snow bird rates for blocks of time in Jan, Feb and (depending on when Easter falls) possibly Mar.

Repeat customers.  You are eligible for a 5% discount in addition to any of the other discounts.

Referrals.  For each referral you make that books a minimum of 7 days, you will receive a 10% discount OFF your next stay for up to a week for any date other than holiday.  You can even accumulate multiple referral discounts, not to exceed 100%.

Q. Are all the resort facilities included in the price?

A. All resort facility amenities are included for all guests at no extra charge.

Q. Who looks after the property?

A. I employ a professional property management company to handle details in Florida.  If there are any problems, the management company is available during normal business hours, plus provides an emergency maintenance service 24 hours a day.

Q. Does the property have any safety features?

Because the property is only a few years old, it has all the latest safety features required by state law (and more). They include lighting in case of an emergency, a fire extinguisher, etc.

Q. Does the property have its own phone?

Yes.  Local calls are free at both properties.  Butterfly also includes unlimited long distance in the U.S. and most common international calls.

Q. What deposit would I need to pay ?

A. See Terms and Conditions.

Q. How do I get information on the airports serving the Orlando region?

A. Click on the logo below for either of the two airports serving the region to go to their website.





Q. Can I get packages delivered to me while at the property?

A. Yes.  You can have them delivered to the clubhouse to your attention.  It will be your responsibility to pick them up from the clubhouse.  See details on how to do this on the "Amenities" page for each property on this website.

Q. I have more questions regarding your property, how do I get in touch with you?

A. The reservation request page for each property includes an option for you to ask questions as part of making the reservation request, or only as questions.  Go to the "Reservations page for the property you are interested in and fill out the form and submit it.  Your submission will generate an email to me including your question(s) and your information on how I can e-mail responses to you.  I find that e-mail works best for busy schedules.  I always try to respond promptly.

Q. I've seen enough, how do I book your vacation rental?

A. Click the link here to go to
Booking Procedures.


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