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 Front view of K's Crystal 
My fabulous, almost 1300 sq. ft. three (3) bedroom townhouse is located in the Emerald Island Resort community with many free community amenities, VERY close to the Disney World Florida main gate entrance.
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I provide enough of the starting essentials as part of the rental.  This means you do not need to run to the grocery store as soon as you check in for absolute basics like a garbage bag, bar of bath soap, or roll of toilet paper.  You get the idea!   Relax and put the kids in one of the 3 bedrooms.  They all have TV and a VCR.  The living room and master bedroom have DVD.  The master and 2nd bedroom have cable.  The kitchen has all the things you need, e.g., pots, pans, dish and glassware.  All the linens (sheets, towels, wash cloths) you need.  So why check into just a hotel room when you can stay in a professionally managed and owner maintained 3 bedroom resort townhouse that is my home away from home.  Bring your toothbrush, the kids' DVDs and their Play Station II games!  You can park right in front of the townhouse.

Kitchen in K's CrystalEnter through the front door and turn left.  You are standing in the entrance way with your back to the bathroom looking at the fully equipped  kitchen.  The food passover counter to the dining area is visible with bar stools.  It is only a few steps around the counter to the dining area behind the bar stools.  The downstairs phone is on the kitchen counter, as is the welcome book.


Dining area in K's Crystal
Walking into the townhouse and turning to look back you see the dining table, the open counter and beyond it the kitchen.  The bar stools are at the kitchen counter.


Living area in K's Crystal
Turning to your right, just past the dining area, you see the living area with the vertical blinds covering the sliding glass door that exits onto the rear patio.  You can also see the bottom of the pull chains for the ceiling fan just over the top of the green plant.


2nd view of living area in K's CrystalWalking all the way to the back of the townhouse into the living area and standing on the steps that would take you upstairs, you look down on the living area with the sliding glass door out to the patio on your right.  You can see the edge of the dining area to your left.  The pull cords for the living room ceiling fan are visibleon the frame of the picture behind the sofa.

Living area looking toward stairs up in K's Crystal

Walking from the point of the previous picture into the living area and turning around to look back, you see the living room TV with DVD, the steps to upstairs, and the sliding glass door out to the patio.

Looking out onto back patio at K's Crystal



Standing in the living area you can look out the large sliding glass doors at the patio.





Walking outside, across the back patio onto the large open common grassy area in back of the townhouse, and looking back, you can see the patio from the outside.

Back patio at K's Crystal from outside


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To see details about the Emerald Island Resort community, click the Emerald Island Resort button at the top or here for Emerald Island ResortNOTE.  This is a very big file with lots and lots of pictures.  Thus, over slower dial-up connections it will take considerable time to open!

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Availability Calendar.  For details about whether the property is available for your preferred dates, check the availability calendar.  (Click on this calendar icon.)

My management company will accept credit cards.

To initiate reservations or to ask me a question, click the reservations button at the top, or click Reservations/Questions.  The reservation request form includes a free-form text area where you can ask any additional questions or inquiry you wish to make for other information not available on this website.

Be sure you are familiar with and follow the booking instructions.  The following link takes you to the Booking instructions.

Sorry, the community bylaws do NOT allow SMOKING inside and NO PETS.  Smoking is OK outside on the back patio, or covered front entrance.  During the brief summer rain showers you might want to use the covered front entrance-way.

Come be my guest in my new, resort Florida Townhouse.  I look forward to having you as my guest!



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