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Emerald Island

It is called an island because it is encircled by a buffer of over 300 acres of woodlands and wetlands set aside as conservation areas for native Florida wildlife to live.  Thus, it is an emerald "land island" amid a sea of lush tropical green.

Overview of Emerald Island Resort


Entry fountain to Emerald Island Resort

This is the entrance into Emerald Island Resort from Funnie Steed road.  You enter the island via its colonnaded drive, lined with palm trees, passing lakes with fountains, and elegant landscaping.  It presents a visual grandeur for this platinum class gated vacation rental community.

View up Emeral Island entry road

Fountain at Emerald Island ResortFountain at Emerald Island Resort









Close up of main security gate at Emerald Island Resort



View up Emerald Island entry road








Driving up the palm fringed entrance you approach the main security gate to the resort, ensuring your privacy and security.

View from dolphin fountain looking out main security gate at Emerald Island Resort

View from the dolphin fountain of the exit out through main security gate down the palm fringed entrance.

Distant view of dolphin fountain Closer view of dolphin fountainAfter entering through the security gates you enter the circle and are dramatically welcomed by the playful dolphin fountain in front of the picturesque rotunda and see the clubhouse on the other side of the circle.  The surrounding tropical plants and decorative flowers contribute to your welcome into the unique Emerald Island.

View from main security gate across dolphin fountain



  Front of Community clubhouse at Emerald Island Resort

Emerald Island has a 4000 square foot clubhouse containing a pool, Tiki Bar open on Friday and Saturday from 12-8pm, large comfortable lounge area, a convenience/sundry store, cyber cafe (there are several computer terminals available, plus Wi-Fi Internet broadband wireless (802.11G) hotspot access for your PC in and around the clubhouse), a fitness center and a hot sauna room.

                      Cyber cafe in clubhouse at Emerald Island Resort
Sauna in clubhouse at Emerald Island Resort

Internet cafe and sauna in Clubhouse





Entry to nature walk at Emerald Island Resort




There are 11 acres of woodlands in the heart of the community.  They contain a nature trail that winds through the natural woodland setting.  The trail is ideal for nature walks, jogging, biking, picnics, bird watching.   The entrance to the trail is right at at the end of the clubhouse parking lot.



The clubhouse offers a number of facilities.

Meeting room in clubhouse at Emerald Island Resort




Large, comfortable community meeting room.






Game room in clubhouse at Emerald Island Resort




Game room.






Exercise room at Emerald Island Resort





Exercise room.





Swimming pool area with Tiki bar at clubhouse




Main clubhouse community pool and Tiki bar.  You can see the very edge of the Jacuzzi at the lower left.





"Beach" volley ball court at Emerald Island Resort




Beach volleyball.






Childrens play area at Emerald Island Resort



Childrens play area at Emerald Island Resort

Kids play area.


Security gate to K's Crystal section of Emerald Island Resort

My K's Crystal is around the corner from the community clubhouse with it's own security gate entrance to its section of Emerald Island.  You can drive between them, or walk in about 5 minutes.

Tennis courts next to K's Crystal at Emerald Island Resort




Right next to the entrance above to my section of Emerald Island, you have these lovely tennis courts.






Swimming pool next to K's Crystal at Emerald Island Resort



Also for your convenience, there is even a second pool and washrooms in the phase II section, one block from my property. 






My K's Crystal at Emerald Island provides a unique vacation destination.

Come be my guest.   I look forward to having you as my guest!




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